Technologies applied in BMW vehicles

Building an nice automobile used to be extremely easy. Grab a creased however powerful engine, build a correct figure roundabout that (depending on what style of car you needed), use big prime materials and fine skills and oi prestos, you had a good car. Fit no problem, here was slightly more to it than this, but that was definitely the gist of it.
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These day though, stuff have become more difficult. Current technology, just similar within all other section of the world, has had a enormous influence in car organization and manufacture. No longer does a car just have to appear good and drive well – now it needs items like “GPS”, “launch control” and “encircle sound”. Customers no longer just demand petrol efficiency and boot area – those days they expect chairs with thermostat control and a hole which will permit them to power their iPod.

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Fachowe nagrywanie krótkich form - jakie sprzęty warto mieć?

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W dzisiejszych czasach niezwykle popularne są krótkie formy filmowe zamieszczane na znanych portalach. Dlatego też ludzie prześcigają się w nietuzinkowych pomysłach na interesujące videoblogi, filmiki czy inne krótkie formy. Oprócz treści zdecydowanie najważniejsza jest także jakość., baner06.2014
Some of these features are novelties. Take such as the BMW S-Class' “smell selection” a device which allows the driver to choose what the car smells like. Undoubtedly that can be good but it can scarcely be named a breech in motoring technology. Others are serious – real attempts to apply technology to boost car performance and safety.

Two features open on BMW models especially look special however. Once up is the BMW backup camera.

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This quite simple yet very useful device allows the driver to see what is beneath his car on a monitor located on the dashboard. This makes it much easier to detect and duck other vehicles and hazards whilst reversing and parking for example.

The second one, while arguably little important, undoubtedly brings most drivers more pleasure. The BMW sirius retrofit is a satellite radio.

Pragniesz wiedzieć więcej z tego interesującego zagadnienia? Zatem najlepiej trafiłeś. Najnormalniej w świecie kliknij to części do motocykli i przeloguj się do następnej strony.

What on planet is a satellite radio, I hear you question? Well quite simply a satellite wireless can acquire any radio platform on the planet at any time. Ever wanted listening to a local Texan radio station whilst cruising down the M1? Well now you can.

There are a whole host of different features and add-ons possible in modern cars – do some research before you buy and discover what devices you can have to make your driving experience even more pleasant (see also).
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